Dave’s talents and capabilities span media
and disciplines. He is a world class concert
guitarist, composer for theater, movies, TV
and radio, and music ethnologist as well as a
luthier and restorer of antique indigenous
instruments, and a gourmet chef...
Dave has been painting with various medium,
including pen and ink, oils, tempra, montage
and, since the arrival of the Macintosh in
1984, the computer.
Specializing in oil painting and photography,
Dave worked to fuse the two in the pre -
computer days. With the arrival of accessible
computer technology he had found the tool
he sought.

“Production of the image is the most
important thing for me. How I get there is
secondary. Using the computer as a painting
medium is more in keeping with my nature
because of its speed and immediacy. I can
get ideas out with greater ease. Not
to mention – no chemicals, no
turpentine – though I do miss the
perfume of the atelier.
I was always attracted to the time of the
advent of cubism, surrealism, the abstract,
the sacred and the profane. It crossed all
boundaries. Plastic arts, music, theater,
literature – all exploded into a new creative

In the area of education he is an
innovative teacher of guitar and
lecturer, and has given seminars on
creativity for teachers of special
education (multimedia—music,
painting, writing, yoga and
"All these things are part of the
whole. They correlate and transform
and reflect one another. Nothing is
what it seems — take your time,
look closely. Things change…"

Dave Lichten