• Concerts and recitals throughout Southern California
• Composing and recording, private teaching and master classes
• CD release of “Prim8, the Evolution” for the Prim8 foundation

• Concerts, recitals, teaching, composing for radio, TV, theater, movies
• Voice over work for various hi-tech companies (Israel, US, Germany, England), commercial spots (English) - films, TV, radio
• Composed the symphonet “The Catacombs” for guitar & orchestra
• Co-conspired, co-wrote and appeared in the “End of the World, Part 1” for Israeli TV
• Founder of “Jama” dance troop
• Directed, cast and appeared in the “Time Tunnel”(English prod.) inter-active cinema production for “Jerusalem 3000” with Haim Topol (N.L.S studios)
• Laurel Canyon Radio Company CD - co-writer, guitar, violin, narration
• Commercial voice over work
• Co-founder of the Israel-France Flamenco Trust (Flamenco en France)

• Performed, lectured and recorded for radio (IBA), TV, sound tracks for film, video
• Theater work, including music for plays by Lorca, Albi, Shakespeare, Baldwin, Allen, Knoller

• Produced music for Ha-Bima (Israel national theater), Tel-Aviv (“Blues for Mr. Charley”)
• Teacher, recitalist for the Hillel Foundation at the universities in Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv and Haifa
• Teacher of guitar and communications for the “Geffen” Arab-Jewish center in Haifa.
• Director of music education at Biram Academy, Haifa
• Played, and associate Director of “Music of the Middle-East” (Jerusalem Music Center & Kastel Films, Germany)
• Staff Teacher at the Haifa University’s Open School
• Taught new immigrants conversational Hebrew
• Directed and taught the “Multi-Media” seminar in creativity for art therapists and teachers of special education, and pioneered yogic technics and deep meditation at the pedagogic department within the academic framework in association with clinical psychologists for Haifa University
• Teacher of Yoga and Meditation. Teaching both classes and individuals, and giving lecture tours

• Attended “People Making” seminar with Virginia Satir

• Founder of the “New Arts Quintet of Jerusalem” (contemporary fusion)
• Music advisor for “KHAN” theater of Jerusalem
• Started, and taught at, the music department at YM/WHA, Jerusalem
• Youth councilor at the YM/WHA, Jerusalem
• Israel Philharmonic Education Department - lectures and recitals
• Studied stringed instrument construction (guitars, mandolins etc.), repair, restoration and finishing
• Directed program of Acoustic research of the Oud and other indigenous middle-eastern instruments.
• Directed (and taught at) the music department of the “Rothchild Center” in Haifa, including concerts and lecture tours 1964-65
• Radio, club and theater performer. Member of the Israel National Dance Troop - world tour
• Studied and taught classic guitar under Ephriem Pollock
• Winner of the America-Israel Cultural Foundation scholarship for advanced guitar

1962-63 Voice and choir under Nissim Levy
1958-59 Studied guitar “Burbank Conservatory of Music and Arts” under Elana Paz, Percussion under Dale Thompson, Keyboard under Howard Hughes